exiv2 Directory Reference


file  asfvideo.hpp
 An Image subclass to support ASF video files.
file  bmpimage.hpp
 Windows Bitmap (BMP) image.
file  convert.hpp
 Exif and IPTC conversions to and from XMP.
file  cr2image.hpp
 Class Cr2Image.
file  crwimage.hpp
 Class CrwImage to access Canon CRW images.
The Canon RAW (CRW) File Format by Phil Harvey.
file  datasets.hpp
 IPTC dataset and type information.
file  easyaccess.hpp
 Provides easy (high-level) access to some Exif meta data.
file  epsimage.hpp
 EPS image.
[1] Adobe PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions Specification, Version 3.0, September 1992
[2] Adobe Encapsulated PostScript File Format Specification, Version 3.0, May 1992
[3] Adobe XMP Specification Part 3: Storage in Files, July 2010
[4] Re: Thumbnail data format in ai file, Dec 2003.
file  error.hpp
 Error class for exceptions, log message class.
file  exif.hpp
 Encoding and decoding of Exif data.
file  iptc.hpp
 Encoding and decoding of IPTC data.