Exiv2::DataSet Struct Reference

Details of an IPTC dataset. More...

#include <datasets.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 DataSet (uint16_t number, const char *name, const char *title, const char *desc, bool mandatory, bool repeatable, uint32_t minbytes, uint32_t maxbytes, TypeId type, uint16_t recordId, const char *photoshop)

Public Attributes

uint16_t number_
 Dataset number.
const char * name_
 Dataset name.
const char * title_
 Dataset title or label.
const char * desc_
 Dataset description.
bool mandatory_
 True if dataset is mandatory.
bool repeatable_
 True if dataset is repeatable.
uint32_t minbytes_
 Minimum number of bytes.
uint32_t maxbytes_
 Maximum number of bytes.
TypeId type_
 Exiv2 default type.
uint16_t recordId_
 Record id.
const char * photoshop_
 Photoshop string.

Detailed Description

Details of an IPTC dataset.

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