Fujifilm MakerNote Tags

Tags found in the MakerNote of images taken with Fujifilm cameras. These tags are defined by Exiv2 in accordance with [1].

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Version Undefined Fujifilm Makernote version
0x0010 16 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.SerialNumber Ascii This number is unique, and contains the date of manufacture, but is not the same as the number printed on the camera body.
0x1000 4096 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Quality Ascii Image quality setting
0x1001 4097 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Sharpness Short Sharpness setting
0x1002 4098 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.WhiteBalance Short White balance setting
0x1003 4099 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Color Short Chroma saturation setting
0x1004 4100 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Tone Short Contrast setting
0x1010 4112 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FlashMode Short Flash firing mode setting
0x1011 4113 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FlashStrength SRational Flash firing strength compensation setting
0x1020 4128 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Macro Short Macro mode setting
0x1021 4129 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FocusMode Short Focusing mode setting
0x1022 4130 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.0x1022 Short Unknown
0x1030 4144 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.SlowSync Short Slow synchro mode setting
0x1031 4145 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.PictureMode Short Picture mode setting
0x1032 4146 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.0x1032 Short Unknown
0x1100 4352 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Continuous Short Continuous shooting or auto bracketing setting
0x1101 4353 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.SequenceNumber Short Sequence number
0x1200 4608 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.0x1200 Short Unknown
0x1210 4624 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FinePixColor Short Fuji FinePix color setting
0x1300 4864 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.BlurWarning Short Blur warning status
0x1301 4865 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FocusWarning Short Auto Focus warning status
0x1302 4866 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ExposureWarning Short Auto exposure warning status
0x1400 5120 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DynamicRange Short Dynamic range
0x1401 5121 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FilmMode Short Film mode
0x1402 5122 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DynamicRangeSetting Short Dynamic range settings
0x1403 5123 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DevelopmentDynamicRange Short Development dynamic range
0x1404 5124 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.MinFocalLength Rational Minimum focal length
0x1405 5125 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.MaxFocalLength Rational Maximum focal length
0x1406 5126 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.MaxApertureAtMinFocal Rational Maximum aperture at minimum focal
0x1407 5127 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.MaxApertureAtMaxFocal Rational Maximum aperture at maximum focal
0x8000 32768 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FileSource Ascii File source
0x8002 32770 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.OrderNumber Long Order number
0x8003 32771 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FrameNumber Short Frame number