Minolta MakerNote Tags

Tags found in the MakerNote of images taken with Minolta cameras. These Exiv2 tags are based on [5], [9] and [10].

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 Minolta Exif.Minolta.Version Undefined String 'MLT0' (not null terminated)
0x0001 1 Minolta Exif.Minolta.CameraSettingsStdOld Undefined Standard Camera settings (Old Camera models like D5, D7, S304, and S404)
0x0003 3 Minolta Exif.Minolta.CameraSettingsStdNew Undefined Standard Camera settings (New Camera Models like D7u, D7i, and D7hi)
0x0004 4 Minolta Exif.Minolta.CameraSettings7D Undefined Camera Settings (for Dynax 7D model)
0x0018 24 Minolta Exif.Minolta.ImageStabilizationData Undefined Image stabilization data
0x0020 32 Minolta Exif.Minolta.WBInfoA100 Undefined White balance information for the Sony DSLR-A100
0x0040 64 Minolta Exif.Minolta.CompressedImageSize Long Compressed image size
0x0081 129 Minolta Exif.Minolta.Thumbnail Undefined Jpeg thumbnail 640x480 pixels
0x0088 136 Minolta Exif.Minolta.ThumbnailOffset Long Offset of the thumbnail
0x0089 137 Minolta Exif.Minolta.ThumbnailLength Long Size of the thumbnail
0x0100 256 Minolta Exif.Minolta.SceneMode Long Scene Mode
0x0101 257 Minolta Exif.Minolta.ColorMode Long Color mode
0x0102 258 Minolta Exif.Minolta.Quality Long Image quality
0x0103 259 Minolta Exif.Minolta.0x0103 Long 0x0103
0x0104 260 Minolta Exif.Minolta.FlashExposureComp SRational Flash exposure compensation in EV
0x0105 261 Minolta Exif.Minolta.Teleconverter Long Teleconverter Model
0x0107 263 Minolta Exif.Minolta.ImageStabilization Long Image stabilization
0x0109 265 Minolta Exif.Minolta.RawAndJpgRecording Long RAW and JPG files recording
0x010a 266 Minolta Exif.Minolta.ZoneMatching Long Zone matching
0x010b 267 Minolta Exif.Minolta.ColorTemperature Long Color temperature
0x010c 268 Minolta Exif.Minolta.LensID Long Lens identifier
0x0111 273 Minolta Exif.Minolta.ColorCompensationFilter Long Color Compensation Filter: negative is green, positive is magenta
0x0112 274 Minolta Exif.Minolta.WhiteBalanceFineTune Long White Balance Fine Tune Value
0x0113 275 Minolta Exif.Minolta.ImageStabilizationA100 Long Image Stabilization for the Sony DSLR-A100
0x0114 276 Minolta Exif.Minolta.CameraSettings5D Undefined Camera Settings (for Dynax 5D model)
0x0115 277 Minolta Exif.Minolta.WhiteBalance Long White balance
0x0e00 3584 Minolta Exif.Minolta.PrintIM Undefined PrintIM information
0x0f00 3840 Minolta Exif.Minolta.CameraSettingsZ1 Undefined Camera Settings (for Z1, DImage X, and F100 models)

Minolta Camera Settings (tags from older and newer cameras)

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0001 1 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ExposureMode Long Exposure mode
0x0002 2 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FlashMode Long Flash mode
0x0003 3 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.WhiteBalance Long White balance
0x0004 4 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ImageSize Long Image size
0x0005 5 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.Quality Long Image quality
0x0006 6 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.DriveMode Long Drive mode
0x0007 7 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.MeteringMode Long Metering mode
0x0008 8 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ISO Long ISO Value
0x0009 9 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ExposureTime Long Exposure time
0x000a 10 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FNumber Long The F-Number
0x000b 11 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.MacroMode Long Macro mode
0x000c 12 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.DigitalZoom Long Digital zoom
0x000d 13 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ExposureCompensation Long Exposure compensation
0x000e 14 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.BracketStep Long Bracket step
0x0010 16 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.IntervalLength Long Interval length
0x0011 17 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.IntervalNumber Long Interval number
0x0012 18 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FocalLength Long Focal length
0x0013 19 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FocusDistance Long Focus distance
0x0014 20 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FlashFired Long Flash fired
0x0015 21 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.MinoltaDate Long Minolta date
0x0016 22 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.MinoltaTime Long Minolta time
0x0017 23 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.MaxAperture Long Max aperture
0x001a 26 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FileNumberMemory Long File number memory
0x001b 27 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.LastFileNumber Long Last image number
0x001c 28 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ColorBalanceRed Long Color balance red
0x001d 29 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ColorBalanceGreen Long Color balance green
0x001e 30 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ColorBalanceBlue Long Color balance blue
0x001f 31 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.Saturation Long Saturation
0x0020 32 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.Contrast Long Contrast
0x0021 33 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.Sharpness Long Sharpness
0x0022 34 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.SubjectProgram Long Subject program
0x0023 35 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FlashExposureComp Long Flash exposure compensation in EV
0x0024 36 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ISOSetting Long ISO setting
0x0025 37 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.MinoltaModel Long Minolta model
0x0026 38 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.IntervalMode Long Interval mode
0x0027 39 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FolderName Long Folder name
0x0028 40 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ColorMode Long ColorMode
0x0029 41 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ColorFilter Long Color filter
0x002a 42 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.BWFilter Long Black and white filter
0x002b 43 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.Internal Flash Long Internal Flash
0x002c 44 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.Brightness Long Brightness
0x002d 45 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.SpotFocusPointX Long Spot focus point X
0x002e 46 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.SpotFocusPointY Long Spot focus point Y
0x002f 47 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.WideFocusZone Long Wide focus zone
0x0030 48 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FocusMode Long Focus mode
0x0031 49 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FocusArea Long Focus area
0x0032 50 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.DECPosition Long DEC switch position
0x0033 51 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.ColorProfile Long Color profile
0x0034 52 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.DataImprint Long Data Imprint
0x003f 63 MinoltaCsNew Exif.MinoltaCsNew.FlashMetering Long Flash metering

Minolta 5D Camera Settings

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x000a 10 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ExposureMode Short Exposure mode
0x000c 12 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ImageSize Short Image size
0x000d 13 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.Quality Short Image quality
0x000e 14 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.WhiteBalance Short White balance
0x001a 26 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.FocusPosition Short Focus position
0x001b 27 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.FocusArea Short Focus area
0x001f 31 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.FlashFired Short Flash fired
0x0025 37 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.MeteringMode Short Metering mode
0x0026 38 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ISOSpeed Short ISO speed setting
0x002f 47 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ColorSpace Short Color space
0x0030 48 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.Sharpness Short Sharpness
0x0031 49 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.Contrast Short Contrast
0x0032 50 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.Saturation Short Saturation
0x0035 53 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ExposureTime Short Exposure time
0x0036 54 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.FNumber Short The F-Number
0x0037 55 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.FreeMemoryCardImages Short Free memory card images
0x0038 56 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ExposureRevision Short Exposure revision
0x0048 72 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.FocusMode Short Focus mode
0x0049 73 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ColorTemperature SShort Color temperature
0x0050 80 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.Rotation Short Rotation
0x0053 83 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ExposureCompensation Short Exposure compensation
0x0054 84 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.FreeMemoryCardImages Short Free memory card images
0x0065 101 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.Rotation2 Short Rotation2
0x006e 110 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.Color Temperature SShort Color Temperature
0x0071 113 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.PictureFinish Short Picture Finish
0x0091 145 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ExposureManualBias Short Exposure manual bias
0x009e 158 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.AFMode Short AF mode
0x00ae 174 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ImageNumber Short Image number
0x00b0 176 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.NoiseReduction Short Noise reduction
0x00bd 189 MinoltaCs5D Exif.MinoltaCs5D.ImageStabilization Short Image stabilization

Minolta 7D Camera Settings

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ExposureMode Short Exposure mode
0x0002 2 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ImageSize Short Image size
0x0003 3 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.Quality Short Image quality
0x0004 4 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.WhiteBalance Short White balance
0x000e 14 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.FocusMode Short Focus mode
0x0010 16 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.AFPoints Short AF points
0x0015 21 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.FlashFired Long Flash fired
0x0016 22 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.FlashMode Short Flash mode
0x001c 28 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ISOSpeed Short ISO speed setting
0x001e 30 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ExposureCompensation SShort Exposure compensation
0x0025 37 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ColorSpace Short Color space
0x0026 38 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.Sharpness Short Sharpness
0x0027 39 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.Contrast Short Contrast
0x0028 40 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.Saturation Short Saturation
0x002d 45 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.FreeMemoryCardImages Short Free memory card images
0x003f 63 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ColorTemperature SShort Color temperature
0x0040 64 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.Hue Short Hue
0x0046 70 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.Rotation Short Rotation
0x0047 71 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.FNumber Short The F-Number
0x0048 72 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ExposureTime Short Exposure time
0x004a 74 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.FreeMemoryCardImages Short Free memory card images
0x005e 94 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ImageNumber Short Image number
0x0060 96 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.NoiseReduction Short Noise reduction
0x0062 98 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ImageNumber Short Image number
0x0071 113 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ImageStabilization Short Image stabilization
0x0075 117 MinoltaCs7D Exif.MinoltaCs7D.ZoneMatchingOn Short Zone matching on